Shortstop (Noun): One of the best players around, but not quite a professional.

Straight Pool (Noun): Also called 14.1 Continous, a pool game where a player continues to score one point per ball until they miss. Top players routinely score 100 points in a row.

A practical book and video guide for the average
(or advanced) pool player - Click Here for a Sample


- 124 ball run by author with commetary
- Over 200 video clips

- Over 140 Illustrations
- Fast-track your improvement at all pool games

"It's going to be a big help to my 14.1 game."
- Max Eberle 2013 Derby City Straight Pool champion

"If you want to excel at Straight Pool, this is a must have resource."
- Dr. Dave Alciatore PBIA Advanced Instructor, pool author, YouTuber

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